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Which couple does not expect their wedding to be the most magical and memorable day of their lives? Skill turns this fantasy into reality. To organise all the various aspects of any wedding requires the experience and an eye of an expert.

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Wedding planning can often be hectic time consuming and stressful. On average couples tend to spend 3-4 weeks just travelling from vendor trying to find the best and most cost efficient deals for their wedding. At Weddings by Fotorender we provide all of the services you could possibly need for your big day under one roof, from the venue to the catering to the filming and photography, we strive to meet your needs.

Our team is comprised of professionals and award winning members who provide you with the best and cost effective services without out compromising on quality. We use our expertise and experience to make sure that your wedding is one of the most magical and memorable days of your life. Whether your wedding is small or grand, traditional, contemporary or religious, a wedding planned and organized by us will be something you can look back on for the years to come and be transported right back to your day. We don’t follow one set plan to arrange your wedding, instead we take the time to get to know you, your likes dislikes, wants and needs in order to ensure your wedding is tailor made to you, providing a unique and exceptional experience.

Whether you need a little help with the finishing touches, event coverage, or full comprehensive wedding planning from the day you start planning to the end of your wedding, our team is on hand to support you throughout, ensuring that your day is pleasant from start to finish. Weddings by Fotorender provide wedding services worldwide, working closely with our clients to align our creative visions with your dreams. Whether we're sourcing flowers, booking an exclusive venue or finalizing the design for the invitations; every detail small or big is meticulously managed and realized beautifully, so you can relax and focus on saying 'I do'

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 Sammaia Sharif

Founder & Main Photographer

Sammaia Sharif

Sammaia Sharif is CEO and founder of Fotorender. She is also main photo-grapher and camera person holding an Award of best event photographer of the year 2017, in International Achievers Awards.

Humza Iqbal


Humza Iqbal

Hamza Iqbal is our second best of Fotorender in filming and photography. He is also an award winner as best photographer of the year 2017, in International Achievers Awards held in London, UK. He specialise and priorities in filming as his field.